Have a question about our cruises or capabilities? Find answers to our most frequently asked questions below!

Yes you can but if another client wants the boat, at that time we will give you 1st right of refusal. Meaning you have 24 hours to return a signed contract or the hold will be released.

A 50% deposit is due at signing the contract. 15 business days prior you must give your final guest count and 10 business days prior payment must be made in full. Any extra people or items must be paid prior to the start of a charter.

Yes, December with the holiday parties and several events we do not hold any yachts that month.

Yes, with Saturday’s being the most popular day of the week for events we do have the following policies for both the Venetian Lady (75 passengers or $10,000 subtotal) and Biscayne Lady (100 passengers or $15,000 subtotal).

Yes, if F&B is being served for a charter the minimum total event time and price would be 3 hours.

Yes, we take pride in protecting the clients they bring our team. In doing so we have a strict policy that for all 3rd party requests we must have a contact name and full corporate name if it is a corporate event. Our sales team will not send out quotes without them.

We do not allow open flame or fire of any kind, heaters, glitter, balloons, confetti, sparklers, flower petals, no fog machine or strobe lights, small loose gems or other small loose items, adhesive on any surface, hanging decor from the ceiling.

We guarantee (2) hours of set up time.  Depending on the amount of set up and depending on the yacht’s schedule we will always try our best to work with you.  If you have a lot of set up and we can accommodate it is very probable that you will be allowed to begin set up earlier.

Yes you may bring your own vendors but please note the following…

  1. In some cases (depending on the vendor) an outside vendor fee may apply.
  2. All vendors must be insured and provide proof of insurance at least 14 business days before the event.
  3. If the vendor needs to load in heavy equipment (furniture, coffee cart, etc.) the vendor must come to the yacht ahead of the event date in order to take measurements and ensure that all intended items can make it aboard the yacht on the day of the event.
  4. All vendors must be accounted for on the final invoice.
  5. Vendors are fully responsible for load in, load out, and finding their own parking.  They are also responsible for any associated parking fees.

The final guest count must be turned in (5) business days before the final payment date.  After the final guest count is turned in you are no longer able to reduce the count.  You can always increase the count but in order to ensure a smooth and successful event advanced warning of additional guests is always preferable.

Yes, regardless of what floor of the yacht the entertainment is placed on they are able to plug into our Bose Audio sound system and be heard on the other levels.  Please note that the Bose Audio sound system is not intended to replace DJ or Entertainer speakers and will not have the same level of volume as those speakers.